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Monday, March 14, 2011

Discovering John McVey

by Vern Taylor
When I first started doing genealogy over thirty years ago, I worked back to my third great-grandfather Samuel McVey and decided his father was probably Sgt. John McVey 1737-1823 born in Scotland. I couldn’t prove it. I needed help.
I had learned that Samuel McVey lived and died in Greenbrier and Fayette County Virginia, which is now West Virginia. So I called the phone company’s information number for Lewisburg, West Virginia, which was close to where the McVeys lived since the time of the Revolutionary War. I got three numbers for McVeys living there. Then I gathered my courage, and with a little fear and excitement, called the first number for John McVey.

She was related!

I introduced myself and asked if the person who answered the phone was related to Samuel McVey? What a blessing it was to find myself talking to Betty McVey Shields who was the genealogist for the family! Betty and her family still lived on the old McVey property on Muddy Creek Mountain. She is my third cousin once removed and we had a great talk. She confirmed my fourth great-grandfather was Sgt. John McVey andiscoverd ended up sending me lots of printed information. The photo is the only signature of Sgt John McVey I ever located.
Our ancestors do want to be found and bless us in many ways to find them.
Genealogy for Sgt. John McVey:

Anne Bradshaw has published this in,
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