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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Now That's It's Christmas

Now That Its Christmas
   by Vern Taylor 25 Dec 2009

Santa has finished, making his rounds,
Of visiting all the little ones in their towns.
He's parked the sleigh and rubbed down their coats,
And given the reindeer an extra measure of oats.

Now he does something no one sees him do,
He kneels by the rocker and prays for you.
To remember the joy of this season throughout the year,
And continue to spread feelings of love and cheer.

He prays for all those dying and without food or rest,
He prays that we will keep trying to do our best.
He prays for peace and love to increase in ways,
That will benefit us all in the coming days.

And he's most thankful for One who followed the plan,
To be born, live, and die, and resurrect for man.
And joy fills his heart and lifts him once again,
To be home with his family cause of hope that's in Him.

Merry Christmas from me to you 2010.

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