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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing for a brighter new year in 2011

For a brighter new year with more love, do genealogy.

Not Enough Love
   by Vern Taylor  Jul 2010

There is not enough love in my world tonight.
My heart has been lost to the Lady of  Light.
My spirit has withdrawn in this time of need,
To plead with God for the will to succeed.

At this time I can't see so very far ahead,
Limited opportunities just fill me with dred.
I never say the world is fair you see,
Just to cheer me up when the test finds me.

There is no liberty when you're too tired to think.
When the cares of the world drive mere mortals to drink.
I never was mortal before born to this life,
After I die it's still going to be an eternal fight.

It's easier to give up rather than find the best you can be,
Easier to do less than the best that's mediacraty.
So what's it going to be that tomorrow's light brings?
I hope the best of me has more songs to sing.

So what's it going to be that tomorrow's light finds?
That the best of the best gets up one more time!
For the winner falls down just as much as you and I
But the winner never fails to give one more try!

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