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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LDS Historical

I have reposted my database LDS Historical on . It's been on vacation about 6 months.

The LDS Historical database, includes 610 members of the U.S. Mormon Battalion and numerous LDS General Authorities, as well as Utah Pioneers and Early LDS, and many American Patriots, and other Immigrants. It is lineage linked data I compiled from Dec 2003 until the present.

Some have said I did a good job of it:

From: Loretta-Marie Dimond "genehisthome1 @"
To: "Vern Taylor"
"To be honest, Vern, my objectives in early LDS research are probably quite different from yours.  Five to six generations ago, my mother's adoptive families (heritage Grover and Riddle) were involved in the LDS plurality milieu.  What happened to them in Nauvoo and environs, what became of their associates on The Trail and in early Deseret/Utah Territory, and why some of them left, or were run out of, the LDS church are parts of my heritage I cannot ignore.  But at the same time, as a practicing Roman Catholic, I have my own testimony to bear, as it were; and as a card-carrying historian of America and the Pacific Northwest circa the American Civil War, I seek to maintain my frame of reference regarding the LDS people.  The 19th century parallels in religious persecution of Catholics and LDS are striking, in an America we are told is the halcyon of religious freedom.

"So in grasping to understand some of this, I am looking at many aspects of the LDS experience:  conversion in the early church period, disaffection or rededication in the late 1840s, the resultant social kinship experience through pluralized families, exposure to secular influences including the Battalion march and the Utah based Civil War units, and the construction of the transcontinental railroad.  Not a bad menu, that, and it brings my research squarely athwart many of the same people you have studied.  Your data on the Battalion families are incomparable and so very, very reliable that they are one of my keystone sources, and thus are properly footnoted whenever my ancient old computer allows me to do it!"

There are two lines of Stanleys, and I collect people and histories on my line.
I collect on any of the 7 lines of Mcveys.
I collect on the US Mormon Battalion over 600 and the Mexican War of 1846.
I collect on Utah Pioneers, over 10,000 as I have time.
I collect on American patriots as I have time.

I particularly invite people to help me with the remaining 43 brickwall projects of the US Mormon Battalion located here:

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