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Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 years ago....

Ten years ago we had just spent $500 the year before and I had created a computer network for the Stockton Family History Center. Here is what I put in the newsletter.  The phone number and location are correct. Here is what the family history news was about in January 2001:

Stockton Family History Center News:

The past year (2000) has been one of great growth
and advancement. The FHC started in April with a $500
computer network. We added a web site N/A
 in October. And
December brought another computer network upgrade
that will increase the speed of our computers and
shorten the time you spend on searches and Temple

This upgrade has allowed us to upgrade the speed
of the network. A majority of our computers are now a
super fast 800 megahertz. Most of our monitors are now 17
inch and much easier to see what's on the screen. Our
hard disk space has gone from 60 Gigabytes to 250
Gigabytes. We've also added color printers and a
scanner to the library for use with photo pedigrees.
New software has arrived, such as the Europe and
Mexico vital records, and Freedman's bank records.
We have one work station that is being devoted to
Spanish speaking researchers. Tuesday is also our
Spanish speaking librarians day.

We have genealogy database software you can try
and use. This currently includes Family Origins,
Family Tree Maker, Generations, PAF 4.04 in multi-
languages, and the new PAF 5.1 multi-language. PAF
can be downloaded free at and
clicking on "order/download products" located below
the Library button.

On Feb 12, 2001 the Salt Lake City Family History
Department uploaded 125 million more names to the
International Genealogical Index. The updated version
is now available as you read this at: (two line URL)

The updated IGI Addendum is now also available on
our network at the Stockton FHC. The amount of data
increased from 17 to 31 CD-roms.
The Temple Ready menu and database is being
upgraded to a Windows version and will be available
at libraries sometime about mid year.
We have 20 of the current 30 CD-roms of the
Pedigree Resource File which are the public's
Internet submissions to Salt Lake City. This is
similar to Ancestral File, but they remain unlinked to
any other databases, and solely as the individual
submitted them, with any notes and sources. This is
continually growing at the rate of 1 CD per month.
Classes on using computers and software will be
available by appointment on Saturdays 10:00 a.m. -
12:00 noon. Call 951-7060.

Library hours are Tues-Wed 10:00 a.m. to 9:00
Welcome to our library.

Stockton Family History Center
800 W. Brookside Road
Stockton, CA 95207

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