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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some current family history

I fell in love with Lori Ruso
   by Vern Taylor

I joined Facebook in April 2009. I met a lot of new people and renewed acquaintance with many others from church and high school. I renewed my interest in writing poetry and songs. I met up with Lori Ruso on Facebook about mid year. We commmented on each others poetry. Lori named me Poet Prince of Word and Song. By December I was hard at work on the "Vern's Christmas Mix" for 2009 and I asked Lori if she would like one. I sent her a copy before Christmas, and she enjoyed it. It had one Christmas song I sang, as well as one of Lori's Christmas songs.

After Christmas I posted this to Lori's FB wall:
“Love” is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. -Jubal Harshaw, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, grandfather of science fiction, best love quote of all.

She replied:
Yes, Vern, I agree....Jubal's is the best Love quote of IS getting!! xoxo

I wrote:
Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for awhile.
~Westley, The Princess Bride, 1987.

I wrote:
The harmony of love
   by Vern Taylor 2009

The poet prince of word and song,
Was like Ulysses, so strong of old.
Was smitten by the siren's call,
Needed help to break the attractive hold.

He has patience, never stops believing,
That there's a great heart waiting for him.
Nothing stops love from reaching its glory,
Just like the story in happiness ends.

So come my love and sing with me now,
Walk hand in hand and enjoy the sunset.
So come my love and join with my heart,
The harmony of love is our duet.

Though the plot twists and breaks his heart,
Love is the heart's great mystery.
It's the only thing in his heart he feels,
Will happiness be the end of the story?

So come my love and sing with me now,
Walk hand in hand and enjoy the sunset.
So come my love and join with my heart,
The harmony of love is our duet.

For the rest of the week until the end of the year, I was miserable. My heart had put me in agony because I had fallen in love.

Lori Ruso wrote:
Oh dear Vern, you are a poet in heart & in soul.....TY 4 BEing YOU & sharing your magnificent self with me......Joy, Blessings & hugs! xoxo

In my last poem of the year, I wrote a summmary of the years highlights which included:

Here I Am or "Aquí Soy "
 by Vern Taylor 2009
Found love too,
Lori true,
Message of,
Fight for love.

Inside me,
Drums the beat,
Tears of joy.
Aquí soy.

My heart jumped out of my chest and wants me to throw it at Lori Ruso!
My mind says 'Oh tender heart, what will she do with you? you don't know.'
And so here is the mystery. By then, my heart has gone crazy. So I wrote to Lori:

Dec 30, 2009;
Dearest Lori,
   Could you give me a little of your time? I'm just trying to follow my heart, and it's fallen in love with you. and I end up crying and in agony almost every night now, and you should shoot me and put me out of my misery ... or pick one of these other options:

  Pray with me and see how that feels.
  Tell me your heart is already in love with another besides Misha.
  Write some email and find out if we like each other.
  Agree to three dates; yours, mine and ours.
  Consider the proposal and wait. Maybe its only temporary insanity.
  Just say no, I can't.
  Just say, snap out of it!

"So follow your heart,
 and make love a part,
 of the life your going to live.
 It's just not quite right.
 to quit without fight,
 and deny what our hearts can give." ~Vern Taylor

Everything I write in poems lately is for and about you. I write great poems when I'm in love. It's been a long time since the last time. True love is when another's happiness means more than your own. So tell me what makes you happy. I love you!

You have my heart already, its escaped again.
vern xoxo

Lori Ruso wrote:  Oh Vern, you are such a Joy & Light to me, & to all those so Blessed to know you!! May all the Love you give away fill your new year with Peace & happiness......I Love you, my kindred spirit, my Friend.....xoxo

On the first day of the new year 2010, Lori wrote me:
Hi, dear Vern! Your Facebook post on my wall reminded me of this song I wrote a while back.....Hope you enjoy it! Luv & hugs, Lori xoxo

Lori sent the song "He Loves Me" to me. I'd given her a gift of music and she had given a love song to me. I didn't want to fall in love on the Internet. I pity the person who does. But I was doubly smitten.

Here's the chorus of "He Loves Me:
   by Lori Ruso
Cause when he holds me
And when he loves me deep inside that's how I know

How does he do to me what he does
How does he make me feel
That I know he loves me
And I feel he needs me
Yes I know he loves me and it's all right
And it's all right.

Her message of 'But I know he loves me' is sung in her beautiful voice. It just grabs my heart. My heart flew off to watch over Lori for months at a time. Eventually it never came back.

Then after another long week of waiting, I got an amazing response back from Lori:
My dearest Vern.....thank you for your patience with me! it seems that my work is keeping me overwhelmingly busy presently, & as I must try to pay the bills, I'm unable to correspond as much as I dream of doing with you, just for the moment..... so I again ask for your patience with me, & with all my heart, I thank you for finding me, for sharing your Love & beautiful self with me...... for us, the best IS yet to come, so thank you for your patience......
so much to share..... can't wait! xoxoxo

Lori wrote a song, "I Believe in Love Again" where she sang, "You touched my heart and saved me."
Now I, believe in love again. If you (Lori) do too, then it comes true.
You touched my heart and saved me. ~Vern Taylor

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